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Sermon Archives

Sermon Archives

2015-08-15 Pastor Peter Weber Ten Great Truths About Salvation     Link
2015-08-08 Pastor Peter Weber Ten Truths About Salation     Link
2015-08-01 Zephrin Allen Are Your Feet Wet?     Link
2015-07-25 Pastor Peter Weber The Hidden Treasure     Link
2015-07-18 Dale Tallmage The Victory     Link
2015-06-20 Pamela Williams Midnight Crying     Link
2015-06-13 Pastor Peter Weber The Parable of the Wheat & the Tares     Link
2015-06-06 Pastor Peter Weber How to Defuse the Binnterness Time Bomb     Link
2015-05-30 Pastor Peter Weber How Jesus Treated the Sinner     Link
2015-05-23 Pastor Peter Weber How to Get Up When You Are Down     Link
2015-05-16 Abigail & Dr. Shultz Is Gods Realtly Love All The Time?   Video Link
2015-05-09 Nat Reeves Motherhood   Video Link
2015-05-02 Earnie Pyle ABBA   Video Link
2015-04-25 Pastor Peter Weber When "No" is "Yes" & "Yes" is "No"   Video Link
2015-04-18 Dr Steven Dence The Benefit of Exercises Part-I   Video Link
2015-04-18 Dr Steven Dence The Benefit of Exercises Part-II   Video Link
2015-04-18 Dr Steven Dence Trusting God & His Promises   Video Link
2015-04-18 Dr Steven Dence The Gift of Will Power   Video Link
2015-04-04 Pastor Peter Weber The Seven Words   Video Link
2015-03-28 Pastor Peter Weber Thirsty?   Video Link
2015-03-21 Oneil Brown Crossing over to Canaan?   Video Link
2015-03-14 Pastor Peter Weber Breaking the Silence
You Can Stop The Abuse
  Video Link
2015-03-07 Pastor Peter Weber Homes of Hope   Video Link
2015-02-28 Walton Zibanayi God's Perspective. Try it.   Video Link
2015-02-21 Pastor Peter Weber God's Plan for Your Life Part II   Video Link
2015-02-14 John Gay Unconditional Love, Conditional Promises   Video Link
2015-02-07 Pastor Peter Weber God's Plan for Your Life Part I MP3 Video Link
2015-01-31 Oneil Brown Let's Breathe MP3 Video Link
2015-01-24 Pastor Peter Weber Who Do You Say Jesus Is? MP3 Video Link
2015-01-17 Our Church Church Service/Communion     Link
2015-01-10 Ronah Sibanda Winning Into Freedom; John 8:36 MP3 Video Link
2015-01-03 Zephrin Allen Human Drones MP3 Video Link
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