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Sermon Archives

Sermon Archives

Sermon Archives


2014-12-27 Donald Zibanayi I Want to Know Jesus MP3 Video Link
2014-12-13 Glenn Mitchell Are You a Follower? MP3 Video Link
2014-12-06 Dale Tallmadge What Do We Do Now? MP3 Video Link
2014-11-29 Dale Tallmadge Pardon Me, Do You Know the Time? MP3 Video Link
2014-11-22 Adam Ntini Armageddon 2 MP3 Video Link
2014-11-15 Alex Gay, Ruzaani May, & Talent Zibanayi Today's Sermon MP3 Video Link
2014-11-08 John Gay Bible Time: The Second Coming MP3 Video Link
2014-11-01 Zephrin Allen Follow Me to the Christ MP3 Video Link
2014-10-25 Zephrin Allen Whose Blood is That? MP3 Video Link
2014-10-18 Walton Zibanayi Three Steps to Salvation MP3 Video Link
2014-10-11 Nat Reeves What Makes a Man? MP3 Video Link
2014-10-04 Nat Reeves Pillars of God's Kingdom MP3 Video Link
2014-09-20 Oneil Brown Sorry Darwin, Evolution Never Created This MP3 Video Link
2014-09-13 Oneil Brown Mercy MP3 Video Link
2014-09-06 Donald Zibanayi Citizenship MP3 Video Link
2014-08-30 John Gay Principles of Love - Part 2 MP3 Video Link
2014-08-23 John Gay Principles of Love - Part 1 MP3 Video Link
2014-08-16 Pam Williams Revive Us Again MP3 Video Link
2014-08-09 Pam Williams Even at the Door MP3 Video Link
2014-08-02 Walton Zibanayi Don't Die Like a Fool MP3 Video Link
2014-07-26 John Ntabo The Cost of Sin MP3 Video Link
2014-07-19 Prof. Lloyd Willis Will He Find Faith on the Earth? MP3 Video Link
2014-07-12 Oneil Brown The Reconnaissance Mission MP3 Video Link
2014-07-05 Nat Reeves Independence MP3 Video Link
2014-06-21 Zephrin Allen Look Up MP3 Video Link
2014-05-31 Eddie, Alexandra, & Emily Overcoming Evil with God MP3 Video Link
2014-05-24 Lovemore Sibanda Christ in the Looming Crisis MP3 Video Link
2014-05-17 Ralph Black The Root of the Matter MP3 Video Link
2014-05-10 Donald Zibanayi Joy in the Tribulation MP3 Video Link
2014-05-03 Zephrin Allen Where Do We Go From Here? MP3 Video Link
2014-04-26 Gary Brady All In MP3 Video Link
2014-04-19 Walton Zibanayi The King of Glory MP3 Video Link
2014-04-12 Pastor Lloyd Willis Traveling Hopefully MP3 Video Link
2014-04-05 Pastor Mitch Elrod More Power MP3 Video Link
2014-03-29 Nat Reeves Courtship, The Beginning of Your Relationship MP3 Video Link
2014-03-22 Oneil Brown When God's Instruments Malfunctioned MP3 Video Link
2014-03-15 John Ntabo Are You Ready to Meet Jesus? MP3 Video Link
2014-03-08 Pastor Charles Williams Elijah's Prayer MP3 Video  
2014-03-01 Adam Ntini The Sardis Syndrome MP3 Video  
2014-02-22 John Gay The Efficacy of Faith MP3 Video  
2014-02-15 Pastor Victor Jaeger The Love MP3 Video  
2014-02-08 Oneil Brown Born to Die MP3 Video  
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