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2013 Sermons
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Sermon Archives

Sermon Archives

Sermon Archives



2013-11-09 Nat Reeves The Hardest Thing I Have To Do Each Day MP3 Video  
2013-11-02 Walton Zibanayi The God of Creation MP3 Video  
2013-10-26 Zephrin Allen We Are Family MP3 Video  
2013-10-19 Jeff Otts In Your Right Mind MP3 Video  
2013-10-12 Ray Ljubisic Our Love or His? MP3 Video  
2013-10-05 Dale Tallmadge Who Do You Trust? MP3 Video  
2013-09-28 Pastor Dan Gleason The Promise of Peace MP3 Video  
2013-09-14 Adam Ntini Inescapable Responsibility MP3 Video  
2013-09-14 Zephrin Allen Be Reconciled to God MP3 Video  
2013-09-07 Walton Zibanayi Gird Thyself and Bind Your Sandals MP3 Video  
2013-08-31 Nat Reeves Building My Faith MP3 Video  
2013-08-24 Ray Ljubisic Why the Seventh Day? MP3 Video  
2013-08-17 Pastor Michael Sulen Can You Imagine MP3 Video  
2013-08-10 Marland May I've Just Seen Jesus MP3 Video  
2013-08-03 John Gay The Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World MP3 Video  
2013-07-27 Talent Zibanayi & Thabo Ntini God's Chosen MP3 Video  
2013-07-20 Matt May Running from God MP3 Video  
2013-07-13 Donald Zibanayi Not Guilty MP3 Video  
2013-07-06 Trevor Upton Faith MP3 Video  
2013-06-29 Pastor Victor Jaeger Jesus is Looking for You MP3 Video  
2013-06-22 Walton Zibanayi Communion MP3 Video  
2013-06-15 Spencer Albracht Walk in the Old Ways MP3 Video  
2013-06-08 John Ntabo Get Ready for Fishing MP3 Video  
2013-06-01 Walton Zibanayi The Rescue MP3 Video  
2013-05-25 Matt May The Power of Death MP3 Video  
2013-05-18 Walton Zibanayi And Jacob Was Left Alone MP3 Video  
2013-05-11 Don Marandure A Mother's Capacity MP3 Video  
2013-04-27 Gary Brady A Fisher of Man....Just Like You MP3 Video  
2013-04-20 Ed Turner Miracles MP3 Video  
2013-03-30 Walton Zibanayi Do You Remeber Jesus? MP3 Video  
2013-03-23 Trevor Upton The Duty is Ours, The Results are God's MP3 Video  
2013-03-16 John Gay What is Man? MP3 Video  
2013-03-09 Donald Zibanayi Does Jesus Care? MP3 Video  
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