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Triathalon Page

Here is a link to the conference page describing the triathlon race.  Click HERE.

Here is a link where you can register for the race.  Click HERE.

Here is a link to the new McKinney forum.  You can discuss race plans and access a training calendar.  Registration is required.  Click HERE.

I know several people have asked questions about the race.  Here are some of the popular questions, with answers, to those questons.

Q - How will the race work?  Will everyone start at once, or will they rotate between the events?  Can I share a bike with someone else in the event?
A - The race will flow by "waives". In other words, one particular age group will go first into the water, once all of them are off to the biking, then another waive will go into the water an so on. The order of events will be the same for all the participant; swim - bike - run, but in different waives, which means there will be people swimming while others are on the bike and so on.

Q - The biking portion is off-road - how difficult will the trail be - will it require a mountain bike?
A - The "off-road" bike portion of the event has portions of gravel road, and open field terrain this is not "trail-y" by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it'll be absolutely accessible for all the participants. This is mostly flat and smooth.

Q - I'm not a great swimmer, what if I can't make the distance?  Is it deep?  Is there help?
A - For the swim, we do have "swim-angels" to hang on in case you get tired. Also, you have the option of taking a break on dry land half way if you wish. We will be swimming to a "little island" roughly 200 meters from the starting point, and back, so you do have the option of standing on that other side to take a break and then resume your swimming back another 200 meters. Last, I must mention the fact that we will have many more lifeguards on duty than what we need, we want to be over protective specifically for the water segment of the event.

Q - Where can I get more information or where can ask my own questions?

A - You can use the resources listed above.  The forum is a place for entrants to ask questions, share ideas, and set up group training exercises.